The Five C'S

A diamond is graded by the characteristics known as the "4C"s Clarity, Colour, and Cut are the quality elements which together with the Carat Weight determine the value of a stone.

The higher a diamond is graded on the scales the rarer and more costly it is likely to be. Clarity is often believed to be the most important factor, in fact colour and cut can have a more profound effect on the appearance of the diamond.



A grade given to a diamond's brightness, proportions, finish, symmetry, and polish of the diamond. These factors determine the fire, brilliance and beauty of a diamond.

The cut is the only aspect of the diamond directly influenced by man.

round oval princess emerald radiant marquise pear
Oval Princess Emerald Radiant Marquise Pear Heart



A grade that judges the whiteness of a diamond. White diamonds can range from colourless (D colour) to fancy (Z colour) with Shades in between giving slight tints of yellow, grey or brown. The more pure a white diamond, the more valuable it is.





A grading that is judged on the visibility of its inclusions in a particular diamond.

No two diamonds have exactly the same inclusions, each is unique.

A clarity scale from IF (internally flawless)to I3is based upon the number, size, nature and location of internal Inclusions.




A unit of measurement to describe a diamond's weight. One carat is equal to 0.20 grams and is divided into 100 points (0.01 carat = 1 point). A larger carat size gives a greater worth.

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